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Discover the new Hi-Can

HiCan captures the essence of performance and enjoyment that typically is associated with a luxury car experience, bringing in our most intimate and personal space the emotion of driving our life taking full advantage of technology.
The technology behind the design let your senses astonished within a theatre of emotions, being surrounded by pure high quality sounds and images, challenging your senses and making your life experience more authentic.
Starting using HiCan you realize that you've never experienced anything like this. While enjoying the comfort of your bed, you can open a window to navigate the outside world without leaving it.

The future doesn't just happen. It is created by those with the vision to change our world.


  • “At the beginning the spirit was that of pirates in the typical garage of Silicon Valley, but we were not in California. We came out with the most advanced bed in furniture history. The HiCan is the most wanted bed in the world and we are making it much better in every way.”

    Ivan Tallarico, Founder & CEO of Hi-Interiors


  • “We have grown a lot. Over the years people have joined us. From being two founders only we have become a multi-disciplinary team partnering with big multinational companies. But we still make the same bed we thought was cool back in 2008. Now it’s even more advanced and we’re very proud of it. We are making a bed that people are going to love using everyday.”

    Gianni Tallarico, Co-founder & COO of Hi-Interiors

  • “We see ourselves as early explorers in a vast ocean of potential applications of the Internet of Things to smart furniture. It is a vision being built today. Technology is available; the revolution has yet to start.”

    Ulderico Arcidiaco, CTO of Hi-Interiors

  • “We think future design of indoor and outdoor life is exciting.”

    Edoardo Carlino, Designer




HiCan stands for High fidelity Canopy. Its design suggests a new interpretation of the classic canopy, creating a cozy environment and bringing into the room the concept of cocooning : the creation of a personal space around you.

Designed by Italian designer Edoardo Carlino, it is distinguished by a unique revolutionary design able to adapt and characterize different types of decoration and architecture both in high end residential (i.e. private villas, penthouses, lofts) and commercial environments (i.e. hotel), as well as in what can be defined “luxury in motion” (i.e. private yachts, private jets, airports lounges).


With HiCan we introduced a cultural revolution in the furniture industry, changing the relationship with technology in the interiors. HiCan is much more than a bed with an integrated entertainment system. It implements a fully developed, state-of-the-art automation system. HiCan will be the first integrated bed platform based on open source software and applications using technology at the root of what is now called “Internet of Things”.

Leveraging the immense choices of sensors and devices that are already available or will be introduced in the future, HiCan becomes a fully customizable platform, with potential for further innovation that goes beyond the wildest imagination.


HiCan, brainchild of Italian creativity, is all about experience. You may have the feeling to be in the cabin of the most desired and sophisticated car, driving through your dream and passions, without moving, enjoying this experience in the privacy and warmth of your bedroom. In addition to be a place where get lost and indulge in unique experiences, you will also have a wonderful night of sleep, awakening renewed to start your day. And this is only a glimpse of what HiCan can do for you.

We’re entering an age where everything is set to sync, communicate and collaborate with the entire world around us. At Hi-Interiors we are preparing ourselves for this new world where personal smart services will be associated with smart products like HiCan.


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