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Get more out of your sleep, and your day.  

Unwind in your personally crafted space that helps you sleep better, monitor your health and syncs in seamlessly with your smart devices.


HD Projector w/ 70″ home theater screen


Innovative sound system based on exciter technology (invisible speakers)


X-Box and PlayStation supoprted

Configurable Touch Board incorporated in the headboard.


Automated adjustable head and footrest

Automated privacy blinds

Dimmable LED lightning, with RGB ambient lights

Voice Control
(under development)


Wi-Fi enabled

Apple TV as standard input device with AirPlay

Multi-Platform Web App

Native IOS and Android App



Occupancy detection, accurate historical log of time spent in bed and personal habits;

Automation features, like automatic lights control when leaving bed, and smart wake-up alarms;

Sleep tracking (actual sleep time monitoring, movement activity, analysis of the interaction between the surrounding environment (temperature, humidity, air quality, noise level and light) and quality of sleep;

Automatic body weight measurement, with historical log;

Environment monitor and log of temperature, humidity and air quality.






Adamantx is an innovative Italian solid surface material. Available in RAL (or NCS) color scale with both matte, meticallic and glossy finishes. Adamantx is a composite material obtained from the processing of expanded coated with special resins, which provides great solidity and strength. This material born from years of studies, experiments and technical applications in lab, it’s the Italian alternative to solid surface.

  • Versalite
  • Durable
  • Monolithic Aspect
  • Easy to Clean
  • Lightweight
  • Flame Resistant

HiCan is manufactured hand-made according to its owner’s particular requirements and tastes.

In fact, we believe the bed is the ultimate personal space. Choosing among the endless combinations of available finishes you can add as much of your personality as you want.

Meet the HiCan App
For iOS and Android
(Under development)

Control everything

  • Seamlessly connects the Multi-platform Web App with your smartphone, tablets, wearable or smart home devices – including Apple Watch, lights, automation and audio-video components.
  • Autonomous control system that works when not connected to the internet.
  • Remembers user preferences and configures other HiCan devices with customized settings upon authorization.
  • Get updates and recommendations on your sleep, health and entertainment activities through the App.

Custom-Built Electronics

  • Utilizes the concept of Internet of Things to disrupt the furniture industry by building a relationship with technology.
  • HiCan will be the first integrated smart bed in the history to host open source development framework. This means new exciting features and personalization capabilities for our customers.

Learn more about our control software here.

Made in Italy.

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