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Designed for extraordinary minds that are excited by innovation, HiCan Smart Bed is a contemporary but technological cocoon with an in-built entertainment system; sleep tracking and health monitoring capabilities; and seamless synchronisation with your smart devices.

Be among the first few to onboard a sleep experience like no other.


Reserve your HiCan for € 1,000 prepayment* and get complimentary access to our exclusive Health Package for a limited time.

The Health Package includes occupancy detection, accurate historical log of time spent in bed and personal habits; automation features such like automatic lights control when leaving bed, and smart wake-up alarms; sleep monitoring (actual sleep time monitoring, movement activity, analysis of the interaction between the surrounding environment (temperature, humidity, air quality, noise level and light) and quality of sleep;

automatic body weight measurement, with historical log; environment monitor and log of temperature, humidity and air quality.


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  • HiCan Smart Bed requires a € 1,000 reservation payment. To pay, click the button below to advance to PayPal checkout.


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