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Cutting-edge technology meets fine Italian design to disrupt
the furniture industry.

Founded in 2008, the development of HiCan started with a vision to bring innovation in the furniture sector with a smart bed. In an attempt to converge design with technology, we dreamt of creating an experience so immersive, it would impact our consumers’ everyday reality.

The first iteration of HiCan smart bed launched at Milan’s Design Week in 2009, and quickly got us noticed as one of the most innovative startups in Italy by Intesa Sanpaolo. A few years later, our IndieGoGo campaign helped us raise a wholesome number to continue disrupting.

Headquartered in Milan, our ingenious team is researching, creating and innovating ways to invent the environment people dream of ending their day in. With HiCan’s limitless features, we hope to give our dreamers a head start into the future.

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