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An opportunity to get ahead in the game.

Becoming an Investor

As early explorers in the vast ocean of potential applications of Internet of Things, and first movers in the smart furniture industry, our highly motivated start-up team started development on its own funds. However, with continued success and overwhelming interests from consumers and VCs alike, we are open to collaborating with a limited number of private investors in our capital to secure necessary funding in order to fulfil our mission of making smart bed technology available to everyone.

To learn more about our private placement offering, please write to us at with some information about yourself and your interests. Our Investor Relations team will review your application and get in touch with you. As part of our group of investors, you will also have direct access to our parent company – Hi-Interiors’ – team to answer any questions about the investment opportunity and/or our organization.

Becoming a Partner

With a vision of making smart bed technology accessible to everyone, we actively looking for partnerships in the following sectors:

Write to us at to explore partnership opportunities for your project.