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A little bit about the minds that blended innovative technology and design.

Fueled by curiosity, we are an agile team of designers, creatives, engineers, architects, strategists, developers and storytellers focused on turning ideas into reality. We are craftsmen with a vision to work together and create meaningful innovation by combining the best design, hardware, software and services at an unprecedented level in the furniture sector.

Ivan Tallarico

Founder & CEO

Innovation enthusiat. Passion driven business designer with international background. Management Degree at Bocconi University of Milan.

Gianni Tallarico

Cofounder & COO

Resilient cyclist for passion. Over 10 years of experience with design industry. Management Degree at Cattolica University of Milan.

Edoardo Carlino


Crazy outsider of the Italian design scene.Award winning designer. Founder & CEO of Think Future Design. Engineering Degree at University of Calabria.

Ulderico Arcidiaco


Tech enthusiast. Founder & CEO at HSYCO and Sfera Labs. Former CTO of a world class leader in m-commerce. Electronic Engineering Degree at University of Padova.

Giampiero Baggiani

Software Architect

Maker and Tech geek. Co-founder at Sfera Labs. BSc in Computer Engineering at Pollitecnico di Milano + MSc in Secure and Dependable Computer Systems at Chalmers University.

Flavia Tallarico

Research Psychologist

Passionate about human behavior. Commited to help others and interested in understanding how to improve people’s lives. Pychology Degree at Cattolica University of Milan and so many dreams to realize.

Maria Quintieri


Life enthusiast. Client specialist. Experienced interior designer and project manager. Architecture Degree at University La Sapienza of Rome.

Maurizio Muzzupappa


Proud supporter of HiCan. Associate Professor at University of Calabria. Serial spin-off entrepreneur. PhD Mechanics of Materials at University of Pisa.